Ready to find your dream doula?

Ready to find your dream doula?

You need a Doula Matchmaker! Our Toronto-based concierge doula matching service helps you find your perfect doula, stress-free.

1. Complete our doula match intake form

Begin with our detailed personality, lifestyle & location assessment so we can find the right doula match for your needs.

2. We do your doula search for you!

We then evaluate our team of 40+ doulas around GTA to provide you with two ideal doula matches to choose from with a free virtual consultation.

3. Hire your dream doula.

With our concierge Doula Matchmaking Service you can be sure you found the best possible support team as you welcome your new baby.

“The team at Mindful Mommy Doulas worked incredibly fast to put a team together to support me and my family after the birth of my second son. We needed extra support 24/7! Their team was incredibly professional and ready to jump in and help us where we needed it. I continue to recommend them to friends who have new babies.”

Erin Kudla