Birth Photography for Toronto area families.

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Mindful Mommy Birth Photography

Hello and welcome! There's simply nothing quite like the miracle of birth. Each one is like a unique story, with its own twists and turns, highs and lows, and a very special little hero at the end.

As you navigate through the intense and diverse range of emotions - from joy and connection to pain and struggle - you're participating in an extraordinary dance of life that's as old as humanity itself. These emotions are the heartbeat of our shared human experience, and they deserve to be honoured and remembered.

That's where the magic of professional birth photography comes in. With a keen eye and a gentle presence, a birth photographer can capture the raw beauty and pure emotion of your childbirth journey. These stunning images serve as a powerful testament to the strength, resilience, and love present in those life-changing moments.

Find the right Birth Photography Package for you:


All Inclusive Package: Capture Every Moment


  • Tailored Pre-Birth Consultation: Whether through phone, Zoom, or in person (for those in the Greater Toronto Area), we customize our services to fit your unique birth story.
  • Availability: From your 38th week until delivery, rest assured, I'll be on standby, ready to immortalize your journey.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: Not a moment goes unnoticed, from active labor to the first couple of hours postpartum. We make sure to capture from the first contraction to the first cuddle.
  • Professional Keepsakes: Receive a 50-page photo book and a 12x18 professional print in an 18x24 frame, perfect mementos of this precious time.
  • High-Resolution Photos: An online gallery of approximately 50 hand-edited, high-resolution photos delivered within one month of birth.
  • Exclusive Slideshow Viewing Party: Enjoy an in-person viewing party with treats provided by us, or privately on your own time, within a month of birth.
  • Flexible Customization: Elevate your birth photography experience with additional printed products. From picture frames to photo albums, customize your keepsakes in the manner you love most.
  • Capture Every Moment: Don't let these moments just pass by. Relive every emotion and remember every feeling with our comprehensive birth photography service.

Digital Package: A Modern Alternative


  • Enjoy all the Virtues of the All-Inclusive Package: This package offers all the fantastic features of the All-Inclusive Package, without the photo book and framed print.
  • Benefit from Pre-Birth Consultation: You'll receive a detailed pre-birth consultation to ensure every meaningful moment is captured.
  • Experience Uninterrupted On-call Service: From the 38th week until delivery, our service is at your beck and call.
  • Receive Comprehensive Coverage: From active labour until 1-2 hours postpartum, we'll document your extraordinary journey.
  • Customize with Additional Printed Products: The package offers the flexibility to purchase additional printed products if you desire.
  • Designed with a Digital Focus: This package is specifically tailored to deliver the full birth photography experience with an emphasis on digital content.
  • High-Resolution Photos Delivered Promptly: Within one month of birth, you'll receive an online gallery with approximately 50 meticulously hand-edited, high-resolution photos.
  • Celebrate with a Slideshow Viewing Party: Relive the magical moments of birth with your loved ones. Opt for an intimate viewing party in person (we'll provide the treats!) or enjoy it privately at your own pace within a month of birth.

Additional Information

Please note that these prices do not include HST or travel costs outside the Greater Toronto Area. We assure you that every penny spent is dedicated to providing exemplary services that aim to capture your unique story beautifully.

These are not just photographs but heirlooms that will be cherished by your family for generations. Birth photography is a specialty and requires a certain finesse - a delicate balance of technical skill, sensitivity, and unobtrusive nature. We're committed to providing that and more, ensuring you feel supported and at ease during this transformative time.

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Deposits & Payment for Doula Services

The Initial consultation is free of charge.

We do require 50% deposit when the contract is signed and then the remainder by 36 weeks. Confirm the payment of service with your doula.

Fees for the packages can be paid either through email money transfer or credit card.

**Proudly serving Toronto, GTA and the Surrounding Areas**