Top 5 Pregnancy Blogs to Inform & Inspire you!

Top 5 Pregnancy and Birth Blogs

Here are my top 5 pregnancy blogs to inform & inspire you.There is a lot of information out there on pregnancy, raising our children and motherhood. So I decided to blog about my  favourite blogs/mamas I follow . The ones that inspired or educated me as a mother, woman , friend and doula. So  These blogs are a nice mix of fun, humor and also are very informative as well.

I hope you may find some joy and laughs or just useful information in the below pregnancy blogs.  Give them a follow or add them to your Facebook! Here we go!

Mama Natural

A very imformative blog about pregnancy, baby and parenting and the most natural ways to go about it. This blog was started by a woman who confesses to having been a smoker, drinker and sugar addict . She was 60 lbs over weight and realized that she was slowly killing her self, so she decided to make a few lifestyle changes and never looked back! Her and her husband are a hilarious duo and I love that they really don’t take themselves too seriously. They provide lots of articles and information from all perspectives of pregnancy, parenthood and beyond ! Pay this site a visit ! Totally worth it!!

Evidence Based Birth

This is one of my favourite sites!! If you are a lover of data and statistics, this is the place for you! Evidence Based Birth is known for putting information into the hands of communities so they can make empowered choices. I really feel that EBB will change the way we view birth (they already are) You have to be grateful for sites like this because they do the work, they do the research and they thoroughly keep accurate records and reports of much needed information. If you are looking to learn more about all the hot birth topics (ie: big babies, advanced maternal age, breech babies) this is where you will find the most current and up to date info. Thank EBB for making birth research simple and more accessible!


The Bump

This blog is perfect for the first-time millennial parents who want the lowdown on fertility, pregnancy, birth and babies.  This site covers every stage of pregnancy and parenthood. You will find expert advice and articles on the most current subjects surrounding  fertility, pregnancy and baby. If there are safety alerts or breaking news about the new or latest research, this is the site for you. Another sweet aspect to this site is their app, to track the growth of your baby and the interactive tools to help you track Ovulation and maybe to help you find your  baby name!!

Scary Mommy

I love Scary Mommy and I love the message she conveys, parenting does not have to be perfect. I love how she speaks to all women and how unique and united we are by motherhood. She also is great at slipping in a few laughs here and there with amazing memes. You will find articles from all aspects of motherhood shared here, from the struggles of highly sensitive moms to I am addicted to my phone, and how its impacting my parenting. This blog relates to the every day struggles of parenthood and I love it. If you feel like you could use a pick me up and a little parental support, this blog is for you.

And last but not least!…..

Mommy Needs Vodka

We all need a laugh now and then and that’s what Mommy Needs Vodka does. Especially when motherhood gets tough and you need a chuckle, the memes here never disappoint. She shares the darker side of parenthood (which most of us can relate to whether we like to admit it or not) I love her sense of humor and appreciate the honesty so much! So if your in need of a laugh, check out Mommy Needs Vodka.

I hope you enjoyed my selection of blogs and I hope you actually follow them! I really love each and every one of them for different reasons and they helped me from pregnancy all the way through to toddler-hood. And there is something so powerful about having so much information at our fingertips and sometimes just knowing that we are not alone in our journey is an amazing feeling.