Time to Let Go – Mindful Mommy

The best thing I have done since giving birth is letting daddy help. I should note: it was never up to me to “let” him help. However, as a brand new mom, I found myself wanting to be in control of my daughter all the time.

It was important to give daddy the space he needed to be the kind of parent he wanted to be with our daughter. There were times I would find myself leering over my hubby’s shoulder, backseat parenting, and he would nicely tell me to let him do it and that I should go sit down and relax … and you know what? That’s exactly what I did (it took a few times…but eventually I did it ? ).

I slowly began to realize that the sooner I let go and let my husband be a parent rather than an assistant, the easier my job as a mom became. I have bitten my tongue and taken a step back quite a few times in the past few months, and I feel that practicing this has really helped me grow as a mother. The need to “mommy” my daughter while she is with her father has slowly dissipated, and a new-found freedom has appeared! My experience so far has shown that for me a healthy attachment to my child is to be slightly detached.

I have learned to enjoy my “me” time away from baby A LOT. I regularly take an hour or two for myself to go meet a friend for lunch or dinner, go to the gym or get my nails done. I cannot express how important this has been for my daughter, my husband and myself. I no longer need to carry all of the parenting responsibility. Parenting is about partnership and teamwork in our house, and we are enjoying our time as new parents in a way that I doubt would be possible if I hadn’t adopted my “Live and let Dad” approach to motherhood.

I will continue to enjoy my baby-free Sunday mornings while Daddy and Giulia go shopping or for a coffee. I will lay in bed, catch some extra ZzzzZZZzzzz’s, and enjoy every single moment of it because I know she is being well taken care of. And, so am I.

Live the Life you Love! xoxo