Finding My Purpose – Mindful Mommy

I once read somewhere that as children the games we play the most a reflect what we are going to be when we grow up. Looking back on my childhood, I remember playing “house/mommy” with my dolls, “dress-up”, “cashier” (I ended up spending 10 years in retail) and “office” (I worked in an office too). For me, that saying definitely rings true. I used to dream of pregnancies and baby bumps as a child. Even through high school, I would paint them in art class. There was something so amazing about the ability to create life so effortlessly that amazed me. We all have passions to follow and this was mine. I truly feel that each job I chose in my past helped prepare me for where I am now. In that sense, I suppose I have always been on this path.

Finding My Teacher

When I discovered the Doula profession, it rocked my world. This was it – this is what I wanted to do with my life! It just felt right and I knew that one way or another I would become a Doula. And, at just the right time, I discovered Bebo Mia and took the necessary action to turn my dream into a reality.

Beginning my Doula journey with the Bebo Mia organization was strangely peaceful. I describe it a strange because I typically feel nervous when beginning new phases of life. I am comforted by the fact that I am on the path to my purpose. Finally being in alignment with my calling makes my soul is doing a happy dance. There is nothing I love more than helping, guiding, supporting or just listening to people who need it the most. This is what makes my heart feel full and for this profession and I am so grateful.

Never stop searching for your purpose; we all have one. Sometimes we just have to sit quietly and listen to it. We are surrounded by beautiful, clear messages every day. In my experience, if you listen openly and take courageous action, you can truly live the life you love. xoxo