Making Time to Meditate – Mindful Mommy

Is it Possible??A friend of mine once told me that when I have children, I won’t have any time to meditate. I have spent so much time integrating meditation into my life – researching, learning, training – and now it was all just going to disappear?!  Just because I had a baby?! I understand that children are time-consuming and exhausting, but there has to be time to meditate!…right?? This made me think: what kind of parent do I want to be? Of course, I will put my children first, always! However, I believe that it is essential for us, especially us moms out there, to take care of ourselves first so that we can take care of others. I want to be a different kind of mother for my child: a mother who is mindful, present, loving, and patient. So, yes, I make time to meditate for my child’s health and safety (and my sanity).

If you really want to do something, if it is really that important to you, you do it. Take advantage of nap time, for example. If you’re anything like me, you suck at napping. Breast or bottle feeding time, stare into your sweet baby’s eyes or close yours and meditate! Focus on your breath, in and out. And, its okay if you get caught up in your thoughts; just go back to your breath. Take your baby for a walk and do a walking meditation. Downloading a meditation app to your phone can be especially helpful. Even if you take 5 minutes to yourself to do this, it will make a difference, believe me. Work your way up to 15 minutes per day and see what changes it makes for you.There are a million tiny moments in any day to sneak in some quiet time, even if only a few seconds, for yourself and your peace of mind. If I can do it, so can you!

Live the Life you Love 🙂 xoxo