Frequently Asked Questions

Curious to learn more about our doula policies for Overnight Doula Care, Postpartum Doula Care, and Birth Doula Care? You'll find a helpful overview here.

Q: What does a Birth Doula do?

A Birth Doula is there to support you emotionally, physically and to provide information and answer all the questions or concerns you may have along the way. Navigating through birth and postpartum can be challenging and a Doula is the perfect guide. Also your care providers can change and differ throughout your journey, so having your Doula as a familiar face can be crucial to a positive experience.

Q: What does a Postpartum Doula do?

A Postpartum Doula is there to care for and support the whole family during the postpartum recovery period. A postpartum Doula can help with feeding, sleep, meal prep, light chores, information and sometimes just holding baby so Mom can get some rest.

Q: Can I text/call/email anytime during my pregnancy & postpartum?

From the moment you hire your Doula, they will be on call for you. You will have access to your Doula 24/7 for emails, text messages and phone calls but we do ask that any non-urgent matters be dealt with during normal business hours of 9-6pm. If you are a postpartum client, this rule applies as well. You are welcome to send an email outside of these hours and your Doula will respond to it at the start of the next business day. If you have an urgent matter or you are in labour please Call your Doula directly.

Q: What if my Birth Doula cannot attend my birth?

All our Birth Doulas have a built-in backup Doula as support. You will have the opportunity to meet virtually/phone call with your back up Doula before the birth of your baby. You will be able to connect and get to know each other. If for any reason you are not comfortable with your back up Doula, please know that your Doula will and can pick another Doula for a better fit.

Q: How will having a Doula support my partner?

Having a Doula is a support for both parents and not just the birthing person. It is a lot of pressure to assume that you and your partner will remember everything you have learned (or not learned) beforehand and know how and when to use it during your birth experience. A Doula is a part of the birth team and their goal is to bring you and your partner together during one of the most special moments of your lives!

A Postpartum Doula can support your partner by teaching and guiding the partner in all the ways they can help and support Mom and the new baby. And the postpartum Doula will be there to support Mom when the partner cannot (ie: going back to work etc).

Q: Are Birth Doulas only for home births?

Doulas are definitely not just for home births. Doulas support families in hospitals and birth centres as well. Sometimes families actually need more support in a hospital environment and a Doula can really add emotional and physical support to the experience.

Q: Is a Birth Doula the same as a Midwife?

A Birth Doula is not the same as a Midwife. A Midwife offers medical care and support during your pregnancy, labour and postpartum. A Doula is there to support you physically, emotionally and to provide information. Doulas do not do any form of medical care. Midwives and Doulas go well together because they make the perfect team of medical care and emotional support.

Q: Are Birth Doulas allowed in the hospitals during the COVID pandemic?

Doulas are currently allowed in the hospital during COVID. At most GTA hospitals, the partner and the support person are allowed into labour and delivery. Be sure to check the status of the hospital closer to your due date in case any changes have happened.

Q: When is the best time to hire a Doula?

You can hire a Birth Doula at any point of your pregnancy but we do recommend the earlier the better! This way you really have a chance to get to know your Doula and to be able to ask all the questions you need, which will really help to lower any anxieties you may have.

If you are hiring a postpartum Doula, the sooner the better is best! We are able to best support a family in postpartum within the first 3 months after birth, so anytime in the window works well. If you have a baby that is 3 months+, please feel free to inquire directly and we can see how we can help:

Q: What is the cost and pricing for a Doula? Do you offer payment plans?

Our most popular package is the Bump Plus Package, as it comes with everything you will need but feel free to check out our birth doula packages and postpartum packages. And yes, we are happy to offer and discuss a payment plan, as it is important to us that everyone have access to a Doula.

Q: Do you offer gift certificates for Birth & Postpartum Doula care?

Yes, we do! A Birth or Postpartum Doula package can be the perfect baby shower or group gift. Please free to inquire further at:

Q: How is the doula matchmaking done?

We will have you fill out a detailed personality assessment which will help us to match you with a doula based on personality, lifestyle and location.

Q: What does Mindful Mommy Doula Services do?

Mindful Mommy Doula Services is a referral agency only. We handle the administrative side of the services ie: the matchmaking, the contract, invoice and billing etc.

  • As a referral agency, we cannot make decisions outside your contractual agreement with your doula.

Q: What if I need to change a visit?

Any bookings or schedule changes or issues are to be sorted out with the doula directly.

Q: Is my doula an employee of Mindful Mommy Doula Services?

Your doula is an independent contractor and not an employee of Mindful Mommy Doula Services.