Elimination Communication


Elimination Communication (also known as EC, infant potty training, natural infant hygiene and diaper free) is the gentle, natural, non-coercive process of learning your baby’s potty cues and timing to help teach baby address his or her elimination needs.

This practice makes conventional potty training unnecessary.

EC might sound weird, but consider the global perspective. In most non-industrialized countries, EC doesn’t even have a name because it’s the norm. In these societies, babies can be toilet independent as early as 6 months, while the average in North American is 3 years.

EC is a lifestyle that encourages natural toilet learning. It is not about getting your child to use a potty as soon as possible (although earlier potty learning often occurs). EC doesn’t mean your child has to never use diapers. It simply means freedom from dependence on diapers.


Yes! You CAN do it! Like anything, with consistency and perseverance you can help your little ones enjoy toilet time.

Being aware and mindful of babies developmental phases will help you gauge what to expect and how to troubleshoot during challenging times. There are many helpful resources around to assist you during these times.

You don’t have to EC your baby all the time either. Babies who are part-time EC’d learn too! Keeping specific potty times regular will help babies eliminate.


There are many reasons why one would practice this method. Really, it’s what makes most sense for you and your family. The benefits that result from this practice are remarkable for you and your baby.

Some of them include:

Heightened intuition
As you practice the process of Elimination Communication you will find your own intuition surrounding your babies elimination will be heighten. When honed refined, you will notice often more times than none, you can sense when baby needs to eliminate!

Instills a great sense of body awareness and bodily function for baby
Your baby will gain a great sense of bodily awareness and function from practicing and trusting that you are valuing his/her needs to eliminate. 

Encourages a very deep connection between you and your baby.
Newborn elimination communication is a great way to build communication
and trust between child and parent.

It’s cleaner.
Baby doesn’t sit in his waste, which means less chance for diaper rash.

It’s more comfortable.
Diapers are bulky, being diaper free is more comfortable for most infants.

Environmentally friendly.
You can use fewer diapers. When you EC, even part time, you’ll inevitably use fewer diapers, which is great for the environment as well as your wallet.

Baby gains self esteem.
When she cries for help to potty and is responded to respectfully, she begins to understand that what she communicates has value and, therefore, she has value.

Explains unexplainable behaviour.
Many babies become fussy, pop off the breast, wake, or have trouble falling asleep when they need to eliminate (or just have eliminated, and don’t like being wet).


There are several easy cues and tips to learn and pick up on when your baby has to eliminate. Some of these unique ways will help you navigate your way to better communicate with your baby during the EC process.

The most ideal time to start would be ages 0-4 months. Yes, this early! It is the best time as babies are less mobile and you and baby can get comfortable reading each other, trusting one another and just work together to gain more confidence while embarking on this wonderful experience.

The 4-6month window is also a good time as well, however, keeping in mind that there is more development happening in gross motor skills, vocalization, mobility etc. All plenty to stay mindful of.

Anytime, before 18 months is well within the range to learn and practice Elimination Communication.

For further information on how and when to start please feel free to contact me with any of your inquiries. I am happy to discuss your needs, map out a how-to plan or consult on any of these topics.

You can reach me at: marjwong@gmail.com