Mindful Mommy Doulas Packages & Pricing

It is now widely recognized that choosing to add a labour support person to one’s birth team can yield many positive benefits. A woman’s memories of her birth experiences last a lifetime and can have powerful effects on her self-esteem and confidence.

We are committed to helping women and couples feel empowered and supported as they experience birth.

The Mindful Mommy Support System:

All of the doulas on our team offer an array of skills and support systems which may or may not include from the following list below. Please feel free to confirm with your doula what skills she may offer.

  • Acupressure Spinning Babies Certified
  • Rebozo trained & Certified
  • Birth Photographer - Certified with Birth Becomes Her
  • Beyond the Basics Breastfeeding Education for Birth Professionals- Bebo Mia
  • Trained Child & Infant CPR + First Aid
  • Reiki certified - Level 1
  • Exclusive referral support system
  • Hypno-birthing techniques to support you during labour
  • Acupressure & Counter pressure techniques to support you during labour
  • TENS machine

Bump Only Virtual Package


Virtual Doula Support Package. This package is designed for parents who want access to an experienced Doula but may not want or need support in person. We will be there to guide and support you, answer questions and just give non-judgemental advice!

  • 2 prenatal visits (2hrs each) or 1 visit (2.5-3hrs)in person or virtually
  • On-call support 24/7 to answer any questions or concerns
  • Text/email/phone call or face time support for labour until hospital entry
  • Digital or hard copies of all topics discussed in the prenatal visits
  • Additional hours may be added at clients request for postpartum help



This package contains all the love and care

  • 2 Prenatal visits (1 to 2 hrs each)
  • Labour & Birth and up to 1 to 2 hours after birth
  • On call support /text/email
  • 1 Postpartum visit (2 hrs)

Placenta Encapsulation


Placenta Encapsulation is a way that you can help prepare for your postpartum recovery. The process involves have your placenta prepared into a capsule form in order to take throughout your postpartum period. This practice has regained popularity in the past few years and we are pleased to offer this service to you!

Placenta Encapsulation Includes:

  • Placenta capsules (available steamed or raw method)
  • Pick-up and delivery options in Peel, Halton, York and Toronto regions and southern Ontario.
  • Complimentary cord keepsake.

Optional Add-Ons:

  • Tincture: $25 (prepared with grain-free potato vodka)
  • Blood Print: $15
  • Salve: $20
  • Postpartum Herbs: $20

Deposit and Payment for Services

The Initial consultation is free of charge. We do require 50% deposit when the contract is signed and then the remainder by the 2nd prenatal visit and/or 36 weeks. Confirm the payment of service with your doula.


Fees for the packages can be paid either through email money transfer, Square, credit card or PayPal.

**Proudly serving Toronto and Surrounding Areas**