Craniosacral Therapy for Toronto area families.

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The Mindful Mommy Craniosacral Experience:

Introduction to Craniosacral Therapy for Babies

Are you looking for a gentle and effective therapeutic approach for your baby's wellbeing? Let us introduce you to Craniosacral Therapy - a delicate bodywork specifically designed for our little ones. This therapy focuses on using minimal pressure to release tissues throughout your baby's body, from their tiny heads to their adorable little toes, allowing them to move more freely and comfortably.

The beauty of Craniosacral Therapy lies in its effectiveness. You'll be amazed to see improvements in your baby's condition as early as the first session. In fact, most parents notice resolved issues within just 1-3 treatments. This therapy is not only gentle on your baby, but it's also quick in delivering noticeable results - a winning combination for every parent out there.

So why wait? Let your baby experience the gentle relief and freedom of movement Craniosacral Therapy can provide.

Book your initial consultation now and witness the tranquility this therapy can bring to your little one.


How Craniosacral Therapy Can Help

Craniosacral Therapy is incredibly versatile, proving beneficial for a wide range of issues that your baby may be experiencing. Here's how it can help:

  • Feeding issues: The movement of your baby's cranial bones can affect their ability to feed comfortably. Our therapy can assist in adjusting these movements, making feeding a more enjoyable experience for your baby.
  • Torticollis: This condition, where a baby holds their head to one side, can be alleviated through our gentle treatments.
  • Flat head syndrome: Our therapy can help to reshape your baby's skull into a more normal rounded shape.
  • Tongue ties: We can aid in releasing this tissue, leading to increased feeding efficiency and less discomfort for both mom and baby.
  • Blocked tear ducts: Craniosacral therapy can assist in clearing these blockages, reducing tearfulness and irritation in your baby's eyes.
  • Vomiting and strained bowel movements: Our gentle manipulations can help soothe your baby's digestive system, reducing the discomfort that leads to these conditions.
  • Colic: If your baby is unsettled, our therapy can help soothe them, providing relief from colic.

To see just how much of a difference our therapy can make, check out these testimonials from parents who have seen the benefits first hand:

"After three sessions of Craniosacral Therapy, my baby's colic was completely gone. The difference is like night and day!" - Sarah, mother of Ethan

"Our baby had trouble with feeding, but after Craniosacral Therapy, she started to enjoy feeding time. Highly recommend it!" - John, father of Amelia

Each of these issues is treated through gentle manipulations that allow your baby's body to self-correct and find its own health promoting mechanisms. It's a therapy that works with your baby's needs, not against them.

Pricing and Consultation Details

The initial consultation and treatment session is priced at $160, which typically lasts for about 2 hours.

Each subsequent treatment visit is $120.

During your first visit, we'll spend time understanding your baby's needs and collecting essential information. This helps us to customize the treatment most effectively. The initial consultation will be followed by a comprehensive treatment session.

Booking an appointment is a breeze. You can schedule an appointment online via email or over the phone. And don't worry, we've designed our sessions to be as stress-free as possible for both you and your baby.

Schedule your initial visit today and start your baby on the path to better health and comfort.


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Deposits & Payment for Doula Services

The Initial consultation is free of charge.

We do require 50% deposit when the contract is signed and then the remainder by 36 weeks. Confirm the payment of service with your doula.

Fees for the packages can be paid either through email money transfer or credit card.

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