Balloon Babysitter! – Mindful Mommy

One of the best ways to promote your baby’s healthy sensory, motor & cognitive development is through simple floor time play. One of the ways that babies play in first 4 months is by kicking their legs, this strengthens their belly muscles & leg muscles. This also helps baby to learn the cause and effect skills needed later in life & it helps them to prepare their muscles for rolling over, from back to belly.

You can literally keep your baby occupied for several days of balloon kicking fun! You can start by loosely tying a balloon to their ankle and then watch your baby marvel at the balloon dance & move as they kick their feet!

Please be sure to read this disclaimer: this exercise is intended for babies BEFORE they grasp and put objects in their mouths and also before they start rolling over. Once these skills start to emerge, do not continue this activity for your child’s safety. Also always remember to keep your eye on your baby and do not leave them unattended for extended periods of time.

Balloon kicking can hold your baby’s attention long enough for you to have a cup of tea or take a break! Enjoy this hack, I totally did! And thank you to my Mommy Class! Mommy Connections Midtown Toronto,