Are Doula’s Only about Natural Birth? – Mindful Mommy

It’s time that women begin to feel empowered and supported in the birth world again.

Almost every time I tell someone that I am a doula, they assume that Doulas are only advocates for natural birth and natural birth only. That could not be further from the truth. This has really made me realize how much the doula world has changed and evolved over the years. My goal for this blog post is to educate, inform and share with everyone that Doulas are advocates for you and however it is you decide to birth your child! We support natural birth; we support you if you choose to have an epidural; we support you even if you require a C-section. A Doula will be there to guide you and hold your hand no matter what path you choose.

Supporting Women and how they want to Birth

There is something to be said about this (quickly growing) new generation of Doulas. I was trained to look past my feelings and judgements on how a birth “should” play out and have an unbiased point of view. I am here to mother the mother and help her carry out her birth wishes.

Women have the power to make their own decisions – about their bodies and their babies. As a Doulas, I want you to have the best birth experience you can have and it doesn’t matter to me how you want to achieve that. If you need more information on a subject, I will gladly find the answers you need, so that you and your partner can make the best decisions for yourself and your family.

I didn’t become a doula to change the way women birth, I was taught right from the beginning that that is not my role, nor will it ever be. How my clients want to birth their babies is their choice and quite frankly it’s none of my business. I do however want to be a part of the change how our society views Doulas and birth. We are educated and informed advocates for you in creating your most optimal birth experience possible.