Are Doulas covered by OHIP?

Having a Doula on your birth team can make all the difference for the outcome of your birth, so it is not surprising that the most asked question is are Doulas covered by OHIP? Unfortunately, Doula care in Ontario is not covered by OHIP. In Ontario, we have a number of benefits at our finger tips that are apart of our health care system. We have access to chiropractors, Osteopathy, massage therapy but when it comes to Doula care, is that included?

Unfortunately, Doulas are not covered by any provincial health care plan but the good news is that some private insurance plans have begun to cover Doula services. In 2014, Sun Life Financial made Doula services an option under its extended care benefits, which includes funds for acupuncture, chiropractors and other non-medial services. A percentage of the Doulas fee can be covered but it is best to contract your insurance agency to confirm exactly how much. Some insurance companies require that the Doula is certified through DONA or CAPPA there is a higher chance that your insurance agency may cover Doulas services as well. Some Doulas are also Naturopaths or RMTS and may also be covered through these designations but this could very much limit your choices or options of Doulas.

Is a Doula the right option for you and your family?

Doulas provide physical, emotional and information support. Whether you have an OB or a Midwife, a Doula can be an important addition to your support team. Having a Doula means having that one steady, stable person throughout your pregnancy, birth and postpartum experience. Someone to ask questions to (day or night), air your concerns to, educate and prepare yourself and partner for what the birth and postpartum experience may look like. Your doula will provide the emotional and physical support you will need that you may not get form your health care worker.

Can Doula Care Affordable for Everyone?

Mindful Mommy Doula Services is an agency that wants to ensure that everyone can have access to Doula care and are willing to create an affordable payment plan to ensure our families get the support they need. We always offer the option of paying 50% up front to hold your space in the Doula’s calendar and the remaining 50% is due at 36 weeks. We are also happy to discuss a payment plan that works too!

If you feel like Doula care may be good fit for you and your family, feel free to visit our website. We have a large team of Doulas that are located all over the GTA and our focus is a Doula Matchmaking Agency that will save you the time and energy it takes to find the right Doula for you. We are a full service concierge organization. Let us do the work, so you don’t have too.