Archer’s Birth Story – A Precipitous Birth

archers birth story photography

“A Precipitous labor is defined as expulsion of the fetus within less than 3 hours of commencement of regular contractions”

I had the pleasure of photographing an amazing, precipitous birth.  In my career as a birth doula and photographer this far, this doesn’t happen very often. Luckily (for me and the mothers!), this is the 2nd  precipitous birth I have attended so far!

This was the type of birth experience all of us wish we could have! From start to finish this birth lasted for 2 hours and 12 minutes and as I photographed each powerful moment, my jaw hung in awe of this mother and her amazing strength.

When Amanda and I had first chatted, she told me that her first birth was only 4 hours long! I knew from that  moment that this birth would probably be half the time of the first. So I asked her to call me as soon as she felt the smallest little tickle and I would be on my way to her! Amanda was planning on having a home birth with her midwifes, so we had to be sure she was vigilant in paying attention to any early signs or symptoms of labour. This was a birth that we had to be ready for.

The Birth

The first message I received from Amanda was on Easter Sunday at 4:45pm. Amanda let me know that her contractions were around 15 minutes apart and that they were heading home from a late Easter lunch. She had already called her midwife to meet her at home and she would let me know when to come. Within 30 minutes of our first conversation, I received a call from her husband telling me that things are picking up quickly and I should head over.

Once I arrived at the home (and much to my surprise) Amanda had already dilated to 6 cm! I quickly brought out my camera and started capture and document each moment. Amanda and her husband Danny worked together and with every surge he gently applied pressure to her hips. And as I watched the surges grow closer and closer together, I could see that things were progressing quickly and that soon they would meet their baby boy. And suddenly with one strong push Amanda’s water ruptured and within a few minutes, Archer Charles Elliot Weston Antflek was born! Weighing in at 6lbs 13oz and 50 cm long at 6:42pm.

It is always a joy to witness a calm and beautiful birth.  I am so thankful to have been a part of this family’s journey and to have had the chance to document this special time in their lives. I am so happy to share your beautiful story.