5 Essential Oils to Use During Labour & Birth

5 Essential Oils for Labor and Birth

Essential oils really have become an essential part of my doula journey.   Discovering which oils can help labour along has been such an interesting journey and had helped me in so many different ways, I don’t know what I would do without them .

I actually was inspired to start using oils because of one of my past clients had a passion for making her own oils and when she went into labour she used her own blends on herself and I had never witnessed such a dramatic change in her demeanour than when she applied her oils. She went from panicky and afraid to calm and relaxed, it was amazing to watch!! From that day forward, I never looked at oils the same. And the best part was was that after her birth she gave me a gift of a homemade oil blend that I absolutely love! Without her oily inspiration, I don’t know where I would be!! So I am sending out a huge thank you to my client (you know who you are;)) I am go grateful for your inspiration!

Here are the 5 Essential Oils that can really Support and guide your Birth Experience

(I also included a few useful tips of how to integrate oil use in a hospital setting as most hospitals are scent free etc)

Tip #1 – I recommend using an essential oil locket to wear around your neck instead of applying scents to your skin which you can’t wash off.

Tip #2 – Peppermint might be helpful in negotiating a breech baby into a proper birthing position by rubbing it on top of the abdomen.

Tip #3 – Clary sage can induce labor, so don’t use this unless you’re ready to give birth and have consulted with your doctor. If you get the OK, place a couple of drops on your inner ankles.

Tip #4 – Just sniffing the lid and/or fanning the scent of your fav oil can be enough to help get rid of that nausea or just for a quick pick me up!

  • Lavender – Calming & Relaxing. The fear and anxiety of childbirth can be just as hard as the physical challenges. The scent of lavender oil calms the nerves and can being a sense of peace to your birth. Just be careful not to use it too early! Lavender can really slow down a labour if it isn’t yet in a good flow.
  • Peppermint – Can help with nausea, exhaustion, heat and aches during labor. Massage into the back, hips, and temples — For a burst of energy, inhale the scent. Also during labour it is important to keep going to the bathroom to empty your bladder, this helps baby move down and sometimes baby’s head can squish your urethra making it hard to urinate. Sniffing some peppermint (or adding a couple drops to the toilet water) can help the body to release the urine!
  • Frankincense – is a calming oil that’s especially useful toward the end of the first stage of labor. Place a single drop on the centre of both of your palms, or rub some onto your lower back and tummy. Besides relieving pain, this essential oil can also help heal a tear after childbirth as well.
  • Clary sage – This is one of my favourite oils! And most Doulas are a big fan of this essential oil. When applied at the last stages of labor, the mother can really get into a euphoric state and can really encourage a labour if it has stalled. And it is also the best option when it comes to minimizing tearing and relieving muscle tension resulting from emotional stress.
  • Lemon – Is really fantastic for nausea or vomiting and to give yourself a bit of an energy boost for right before pushing.

I hope you learned something new from this blog post and how wonderful the world of essential oils can really support you during your labour!

I’d love to hear what your favourite oils are and how they help you every day, comment below!!!

**Disclaimer: To practice medicine requires a license; to promote good health does not. I am not a medical professional. I am not able to diagnose, prescribe, treat or prevent any disease. If you have any medical questions or concerns please consult a medical doctor. PLEASE DO NOT TAKE ANYTHING LEARNED HERE AS MEDICAL ADVICE OR HAVE IT REPLACE THE ADVICE OF YOUR DOCTOR.**