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My purpose as your doula is to help you learn to trust your beautiful, strong body in birth. The moment your baby is born is joyous, magical, and wondrous, and it is my wish for you to experience the birth of your babies as fully as possible. I will work to support you to birth in awareness, so you can feel confident, informed, and surrounded with care, love and respect.

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Giovanna Aiello Postpartum Doula and Photographer

Hi, my name is Giovanna.

Long before I gave birth to my own child, this was what I always wanted to do. Even as a child I was obsessed with baby bellies and how it all worked. The gift to grow life from scratch is an amazing blessing and a miraculous journey. And experiencing pregnancy, labour and birth myself taught me everything I needed to know to start my journey as a doula. I love birth. I love pregnancy and my passion is for every woman to be treated with respect, tenderness, and skill during her labor and birth, and for all couples to draw closer together as they celebrate their new families. I thank my daughter everyday for inspiring me to do what I love. She is my greatest teacher.

-Giovanna Aiello


Toronto Doula Services

Emotional Support

I provide continuous emotional support through pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. Fears, excitement, anxiety – all part of the birth experience!

Toronto Doula Services

Physical Support

Want to feel less pain and discomfort during labour? I’m trained to know how to make you feel more comfortable, relaxed, and at ease when you need it most.

Toronto Doula Services


Want to be an active participant in your pregnancy and birth? I provide unbiased information so you know your options and can make informed decisions.

Toronto Doula Services

Custom Packages

I have designed custom doula care packages to cater to your individual needs and family budget. You can learn more about these in detail using the button below.

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Birth Photography Services

Working as a doula and birth photographer is both challenging and incredibly rewarding. As a doula, I am able to witness such beautiful emotions and moments that I know families would love to cherish. Allow me to capture those moments for you. I love to build a stories with my photos; stories that you can share with your little one, one day. A story that allows you to look back on your birth and see how much love and support surrounded you.

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Interested in learning more about Mindful Mommy Doula Services? Please let me know by using the form at right, or contact me by phone or email. I do my very best to get back to all requests within 24 hours. I look forward to sharing more with you!

– Giovanna Aiello


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Gio is an amazing doula…

She was such a huge help postpartum, helping me do things that I had been meaning to do for a while but couldn’t find the time – with two under the age of two I barely have time for anything. She helped me childproof my home, set up a bassinet, allowed me to go shower, taught me how to properly use my baby carrier and shared many useful tips and tricks. Extremely easy to talk to, very knowledgeable and makes you feel calm. I highly recommend her for anyone who is having a baby (or babies). Thank you Gio!”

Deise Dutra

Gio was a calming presence and helped me feel in control of a situation…

Gio was an amazing woman to work with as my doula for the birth of our son. By my side for the duration of my long labour she was a calming presence and helped me feel in control of a situation that is completely uncontrollable.
As a first time mom, the prospect of child birth was completely overwhelming for me and Gio took me through all possibilities to help me prepare and wrap my head around what was to come. Having her as a resource was a great help for all of the many questions that come up day to day during pregnancy as well.
Thanks so much Gio”

Jessica Kaplan

Giovanna is an absolutely fantastic doula!

Giovanna is an absolutely fantastic doula! I met her a few weeks before the birth and she was always there for me anytime I needed a friend and support. My only wish is that I met her sooner! She provided me resources for placenta encapsulation right after our first visit. She supported me through my sons birth on August 26. My labour came on so quickly, I was texting her one minute saying i think this may be it and that I was going to relax in the shower and within 10 minutes I was barely able to text and ready to get to the hospital asap.She arrived at the hospital so quickly, probably about 10 minutes after I arrived in an ambulance, she stayed my side every moment with words of encouragement and motivation. I am so grateful to have had her support, she has such a calming beautiful spirit. She was very understanding, easy to talk to, comforting and just an awesome knowledgeable woman. It felt like I met a long lost sister. Gio also visited me a couple times soon after the birth and held my son for a couple hours while I had a much-needed bath and nap, went for a walk and helped me pick out a wrap. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a Doula. ♡♡

Courtney Lynn

Best decision I made about my pregnancy

Best decision I made about my pregnancy was to have Gio as my doula. She was such a wonderful support person. Non-judgmental and so relaxed. She was always available to answer all my crazy questions! Her calm presence was a godsend during labour and delivery. I highly recommend!

Katie Anne

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“When you change the way you view birth, the way you birth will change.”
– Marie Mongan

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